What is a Geopark?

UNESCO Global Geoparks, such as Ore of the Alps UNESCO GG, are areas of extraordinary geological uniqueness, characterized by immense geological diversity, with a significance that transcends national or international borders. But other disciplines also have an important role to play, such as mining, botany, archaeology or cultural history. The cooperation between UNESCO Geoparks and universities constantly generates new insights.  A UNESCO Geopark is not a museum, but rather an interactive nature workshop that is a source of excitement for everyone from scientist to the curious layperson. The scientific aspects are clearly communicated through info boards, brochures, maps or books that are understandable for all. Only in these ways does a Geopark truly begin to come to life.

Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark has lived this worldwide ideal for many years, together with our partners in Germany, the Inselsberg – Drei Gleichen UNESCO Global Geopark in Thuringia and the National Geopark Porphyrland in Saxony, as well as the Austrian UNESCO Global Geoparks Karawanken and Steirische Eisenwurzen, and also National Geopark Carnic Alps. The most important purposes of Geoparks is to preserve geo potential, strengthen regional development as well as promote environmental education and geo tourism. That said, a Geopark is a title awarded by UNESCO, a title that must be re-earned every 4 years and does not equate to a preservation category such as national park, nature park or natural monument. It may and should incorporate, of course, initiatives to preserve elements of the status quo (geo-sites), which are also present in Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark.

In order to present the uniqueness of this geopark, in summer 2019 a documentary was shot by a team from the “Land der Berge” show (ORF) entitled “Hochkönigs Wanderreich – Wilde Wasser & Bunte Erze” (“Hochkönig’s Hikeable Realm of Wild Waters & Colorful Ores”).

Here you will find links to the different communities: 

Link Bischofshofen: https://youtu.be/dPIc7f5Drwg
Link St. Veit: https://youtu.be/nVUKw1j3KBI
Link Mühlbach: https://youtu.be/bcqBrFfh5TQ
Link Hüttau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdJ-WqH1_Tc