Report in the Salzburg Austrian Alpine Association magazine “Hoch Hinaus“, December 2021,
about “World Heritage Geopark – Ore of the Alps in the Salzburg Pongau“, page 10-14
Magazin “Hoch Hinaus“

The Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark works together with Basecamp Research (GB) to investigate different soils of the Geopark. The project lasts from juliy 2021 to spring 2022.
Ore of the Alps Geopark Information Booklet

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Inauguration ceremony of the certificate for recognition of the National Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg – Drei Gleichen as an UNESCO Global Geopark

Report in Austrian Alpine Association magazine “Bergauf”, June 2021, about “Geological World Heritage in Austria – UNESCO Global Geoparks”, page 72ff

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Latest research findings about the Nebra Sky Disc, May 2021. The copper used to make this Bronze Age cult object originated in the Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark.

Opening of the Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Center  on 20.05.2021. In addition to general information about the Geopark, there are special exhibitions focusing on the “Fifteenth 8,000er of the Himalayas”, Perchten, climate change, along with a presentation from the Museum Society about the Tenneck Iron Works.

Report in the Austrian Alpine Association magazine “Bergauf”, May 2021, about the special exhibition “The Fifteenth 8,000er” at the Ore of the Alps UGG Visitor Center, page 20ff


Article in “European Geoparks Magazine”, April 2021, “Mythogeography – Storytelling with a realistic background”, page 31

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