Mining Museums

Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark is home to several fascinating museums that cast light on 6000 years of history in the “Innergebirg” region. The lifestyle of the prehistoric population, mining, minerals, folk customs and culture are depicted, along with insights into lives of prominent personalities, including literary icon Thomas Bernhard.

Museum Hüttau
At the museum in Hüttau, the astonishing collection assembled by miner Rainer Mrazek provides us with an amazing glimpse into the intriguing world of minerals in Salzburger Land. Click here for opening times & prices

The Mining Museum in Mühlbach is actually housed in a former miners’ barracks. In an exhibition space focusing on mining technology and history, 4000 years of mining history in  Mühlbach am Hochkönig is presented.
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In the museum at the historic Sunnpau mine, in roughly one hour you can experience around 4000 years of mining history. From its prehistoric beginnings to rock hammers, wooden wedges and fire-setting, to ore mining with hammers and picks, and eventually the use of blasting powder. Click here for opening times & prices


The Seelacken Museum, housed at the former Wallnerbauer Farm with a focus on folk culture (events), mining and archaeology, literature (Thomas Bernhard), agriculture and special exhibitions, is a jewel of the Innergebirg region. Click here for opening times & prices