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The national Geopark “Ore of the Alps” (“Erz der Alpen”), which unites the prehistoric and historical mining centers in Bischofshofen, Mühlbach, Hüttau and St. Veit, submitted an application for acceptance into GGN / EGN in 2013. Subsequent to thorough evaluation, in summer 2014 the application received a positive response. In September 2014, Geopark “Ore of the Alps” was admitted as the 62nd member of the European Network and the 101st member of the Global Geopark Network, under the umbrella of UNESCO. Since Nov. 2015 the Geopark “Ore of the Alps”, a part of the world heritage, can be namedUNESCO Geopark “Ore of the Alps”. The central Visitor Center of the Geopark was constructed in 2014/2015 on the ski-jump grounds in Bischofshofen. On this page you will find the application dossier which our Geopark submitted to the EG