Geotrail Copper Ore Path

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The Copper Trail is very much the backbone of UNESCO Geopark “Ore of the Alps”. It leads from St. Veit auf der Sonnenterrasse via Mühlbach to the Arthurhaus, below the mighty Hochkönig massif, then continues along the former “Miners’ Trail” to Bischofshofen, to the very heart of the Geopark, to the Visitor Center there, and then over the Hochgründeck to Hüttau. The Copper Trail offers manifold experiences and passes many natural and historical sights. Especially impressive  are the geosites and panoramic views. Further information you can find in the book “UNESCO Geoparke in Österreich”, Pfeil Verlag 2017, which will be published in english Feb. 2018.
The “Copper Ore Path” can be hiked in 5 stages, or there is a shorter variant consisting of only 4.
1st Stage: from St. Veit auf der Sonnenterrasse to Mühlbach am Hochkönig
2nd Stage: from Mühlbach am Hochkönig to the Arthurhaus
3rd Stage: from the Arthurhaus to the Visitor Center in Bischofshofen
4th Stage: from Bischofshofen to the top of the Hochgründeck – Heinrich Kiener Haus
5th Stage: from the Hochgründeck down to Hüttau
4a.: Alternative Stage: (for a more leisurely hike): from Bischofshofen over the Buchberg to Hüttau

Geotrail Waterfall Path


A scenic tour with fascinating insights into the “wild nature” of the Gainfeldbach Waterfall, as well as past sites of prehistoric and historic culture. Beautiful views of Bischofshofen and the Saalach River Valley are guaranteed.
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Geotrail Mühlbecher Ore Path


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The Mühlbach Ore Path leads through sites of prehistoric as well as modern copper mining. Along the length of the path, you will encounter info signs along with a number of interactive stations focused on the theme of copper mining.
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This hiking trail takes you along safe, well-designed pathways through the Liechtensteinklamm, one of the most attractive and most-visited gorges in Austria. With regards to its length, depth, wildness and abundance of water, this gorge truly is a natural wonder.
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