The Geopark presents unique geological features /phenomena and contributes significantly to increased awareness of the importance and value of preserving them for future generations. The geomorphological riches of this area are the product of thousands if not millions of years of Earth-history, and deserve protection in perpetuity. We aim to make people aware of the importance of the ground beneath our feet and its treasures as the basis for life. The Geopark “Ore of the Alps” covers the area between the municipality of St.Veit in the west and the community “Hüttau” in the east. Mühlbach and Bischofshofen are also part of the Geopark. Information concerning the trail who covers all the Geosites are provided below.

  • Geosite 1_Copper Ore Path: The trail starts in the town of “St. Veit” and covers the entire Geopark area. Waypoints are Mühlbach, the “Arthurhaus” and “Bischofshofen”. The final destination is “Hüttau”. Many Geosites and their fascinating backgrounds can be explored throughout the route. These are, for example, tourist mines, galleries and museums. Additionally the trail offers wall charts that provide information about the geological characteristics, the development of landscape, the history of the region etc. Furthermore the area offers several opportunities to enjoy food and drinks. Many spots for picnics are spread around the path and a lot of mountain restaurants with special local products can be found. The whole route takes you four days, but it can also be split up into various stages.
  • Geosite 44_Copper Ore Path Mühlbach: The Copper Ore Path “Mühlbach” connects the “Arthurhaus” and the town “Mühlbach” along with many fascinating Geosites such as upland moors, ancient mining sites and collapse shafts.